Issue 5 – Page 4
Monday — May 31st, 2010

Issue 5 – Page 4

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For this page I tried using no digital inking except for the lettering. Most of the lines are the original pencils with the contrast adjusted, and just the main foreground objects have been inked with Micron pens. The final process of adding texture and shading is the most fun, since it lends itself to experimenting until something cool clicks into place.

Hope you enjoy!


No More

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I just wanted to stop in quickly and let everyone know that we are no longer being hosted over on The Rampage Network.

The bad news with this is that we lost the domain name. We had already brought everything Here There Be Robots related over to this site, so it’s not a major loss.

If you haven’t already done so, please update your bookmarks!


Warm-up sketches

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Just bought some new pens.

Oscar & Rob

Oscar & Rob

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to buy a set of micron pens.

I always see other cartoonists using these to do sketches in their books, so I thought I’d give them a try. I’ve always used brush pens but never quite got the results I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, the brush pens are great for finish work, but these microns lend themselves more to achieving that loose, sketchy look.


The latest news on the comic

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Page 3.

Its here (finally).

Its late (very late).

And its grey (why is it grey?)

I’ll be honest with you. Life’s been busy. Busier than I can ever remember, but in a good way.

Back when I drew the first 3 issues of HTBR, I had every Wednesday off from work. It was like gold. One solitary day, without distractions, to really hunker down and produce the best work I could. I could do a lot of research and preliminary sketches to get things just right. My brain was buzzing.

When that work schedule changed, I remember issue 4 being extremely difficult to draw at times. That saying “you can’t rush art” is so true when you only have a few snatches of time to draw, but want to maintain the same level of quality; to give it your best.

I’ve always believed that everything you do, pursue or accomplish comes at the expense of something else. So its our responsibility to strike the balance and put the truly important things (and people) first in our lives.

When my brother Jonah and I started this whole thing out back in 2005, it wasn’t to be rich or famous; it was for fun. So that’s my new goal with this project: to remember to keep it fun. To do it…for fun.

Of course, this will mean that the update schedule will continue to be erratic, I will continue to drop off the map for long stretches of time, but just know that it is for a good cause. Believe me, it bothered me to leave our characters stranded on a ship full of hostile pirate monkeys for the last 8 months because I know it bothered you as readers. Some of you even told me about it at the last Emerald City Comicon, but you were very nice about it and I appreciate that very much. It gives me all the more incentive to do what I reasonably can to keep the story alive, even if it comes at you kind of slow. Like a turtle dragging a dogsled. Across sand. Against the wind. Underwater (What?).

This is one of the reasons for the change in style with page 3. I’ve been toying with different ways to draw the strip, both in the interest of saving time and just to try something different (fun, remember?). One way this technique has saved time is by eliminating the inking process by about 90%. The Photoshop shading actually doesn’t take that long and allows me to achieve some cool affects that just weren’t possible with straight black and white.

So, as always, thanks for reading. And be sure to check in every once in a while to see what happens next.



Thanks, Emerald City Comicon!

Jeremy and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that came out to the Emerald City Comicon. You guys are awesome! Especially those of you that took the time to chat and pick up our books (gotta pay for the table somehow!)

My awesome wife, Brittany, took a bunch of pictures at the con, many of which feature our niece meeting all the people in cool costumes. You can see those over at the official Here There Be Robots Flickr page.

Normally, Jeremy and I take turns running the table and wandering around the convention. This year it was so busy that we ended up having very little time to see the actual convention floor. One highlight for me (and pretty much the only thing I got away from the table to see) was the Kirby Krackle concert on Sunday afternoon. If you haven’t heard these guys yet, head over to their website and check out their stuff. You can stream most of their songs on the site through their player in the upper left corner.

It was also great to hear all the support for the comic. A lot of you were asking if the comic is still being made. Even though Jeremy has very little time to draw these days, the plan is still to keep going with the comic. We have a lot more written than has been drawn, and there are a lot of fun twists and turns ahead for Oscar and Rob. We hope you will stick with us and see where the comic goes.


Emerald City Comicon 2010

Hello everybody,

We know things have been slow around here for a while, but we wanted to let you know that we will once again be at Emerald City Comicon this weekend in Seattle, WA. Just like last year, we are at tables D-11/12, and will have plenty of copies of “Here There Be Robots Volume 1: Marooned” on hand.

A lot of people missed it last time since we ran out of copies so quickly. The plan this year is to have enough copies for everyone that wants one. We will also have whatever remaining stock of the single issues and T-shirts we have left on hand, as well as some new postcard sized prints of the various issue’s cover art.

We hope to see you there!


Metroid Art Contest, 1988

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This may be one of those situations where Jeremy looks back at his old art and groans, but I have always loved this picture. So did the guys at Nintendo Power (back when it was still called Nintendo Fun Club Magazine).

Jeremy won a Metroid themed art contest, which got him 2 free NES games (of his choice!) and a NES Advantage controller. Not too shabby!

Metroid Art Contest Winner Nintendo Fun Club 1988 Jeremy Gregory

Click for Full Sized Image

This image was really hard to track down online for some reason, so I wanted to repost it where it would be easy for me to find again. Enjoy!


Issue 4 – Wraparound Cover pic

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Here’s a picture of the full cover for the fourth issue (back to front) without the title and price box to obscure your view of  Oscar’s glee.

So I did something a little differently when drawing this one.

When digital inking in photoshop I have to zoom in pretty close to the artwork,  so I wondered: Why not pencil the cover in actual size? This is always kind of risky since it’s much harder to hide imperfections and add small details if the art will not be reduced in size at all. But at the same time,  it forces you to keep things simple, since you don’t have all that space to work with. So, anyway,  I took the plunge. The original penciled artwork is the exact same size as the physical copies of the issue.


Correction: the missing page

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So before I left for vacation I had all the pages ready to go for the last couple of weeks, but apparently something went wrong and page 19 went missing. It looks like I had accidentally put another page 18 file in with the page 19 file and page 18, being the stronger of the two,  sat on it.

Whatever the case, it’s all fixed now. So if you want to see page 19 (and have the storyline make a little more sense), just click the “previous” button and pretend that you haven’t seen page 20 yet.

By the way, my wife and I just got back from Kauai. Just look at this horrible view we had to stare at for ten days…


I know what you’re thinking: How did we ever survive such a rich assault of color and happiness?

It wasn’t easy, my friends.


Emerald City ComiCon 2009 Wrap Up

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Every year I am blown away at how great the Emerald City ComiCon is. Even with a big increase in attendance, we actually had even better table spacing and placement than ever before. A huge thanks goes out to Jim, George, Chris, Brian, the volunteers, the staff of the convention center, and of course everyone who came out to attend.

Since ECCC is our local con, we always show up the morning of to do our table set up. This was the first time we bought two tables in the Artist Alley, and now it will be hard if we ever have to go back down to one. Thankfully, we always have a lot of help from our friends and family!

Table Setup Saturday MorningClick Here For All the Con Pics!

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Thank you Emerald City ComiCon!

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that came out to see us at the con! To those of you that didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy of the trade paperback, but said you were interested in getting it online, here is a convenient link:

Here There Be Robots Volume 1 Marooned Available Now Through Indy PlanetClick here to buy the book!

We will be doing a full con report in the next few days. Thanks again!