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We Also Have a Podcast

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

If you are new to our work, you may not be aware that we also do a podcast in conjunction with our brother’s site,

It’s called “The Random Pirate Comic Show“, and can be found over at our Talkshoe page.
We generally talk video games, movies, cartoons and also give the heads up on our latest projects. Jesse and Geoffio also share music from their projects.

We’ll be recording the next episode this Sunday, and you can email us your questions, comments, etc. to


Site Upgrade/Changes: Good News!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
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Dearest Public,

It is I, your humble administrator Geoffio. After several months of having Hijacked by Hostonce. We finally got them to release our domain and give us back control. We’re now on faster private servers that we completely control. There will be much much more stability now. Not to mention things should be loading faster.

Anyways along with getting the site back under our control, we’re now able to focus on getting EVERYTHING the way it was meant to be before we lost control 5 months ago. That’s right, we’re going to finish the site. And Get more pages put up.

There have been major upgrades to our blogging software which is requiring a lot of changes made by me, so bear with me and we’ll get everything up and running and hopefully see many many great things come of this very soon.

I will leave everything else up to Jonah, and Jeremy to post about. But Here There Be Robots fans, rest assured, we’re doing things RIGHT this time. We have total control over our servers and should be able to keep everything up and running for many many years to come.


-The Management

-The Admin



Issue 4 – Wraparound Cover pic

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
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Here’s a picture of the full cover for the fourth issue (back to front) without the title and price box to obscure your view of  Oscar’s glee.

So I did something a little differently when drawing this one.

When digital inking in photoshop I have to zoom in pretty close to the artwork,  so I wondered: Why not pencil the cover in actual size? This is always kind of risky since it’s much harder to hide imperfections and add small details if the art will not be reduced in size at all. But at the same time,  it forces you to keep things simple, since you don’t have all that space to work with. So, anyway,  I took the plunge. The original penciled artwork is the exact same size as the physical copies of the issue.