Site Upgrade/Changes: Good News!

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Dearest Public,

It is I, your humble administrator Geoffio. After several months of having Hijacked by Hostonce. We finally got them to release our domain and give us back control. We’re now on faster private servers that we completely control. There will be much much more stability now. Not to mention things should be loading faster.

Anyways along with getting the site back under our control, we’re now able to focus on getting EVERYTHING the way it was meant to be before we lost control 5 months ago. That’s right, we’re going to finish the site. And Get more pages put up.

There have been major upgrades to our blogging software which is requiring a lot of changes made by me, so bear with me and we’ll get everything up and running and hopefully see many many great things come of this very soon.

I will leave everything else up to Jonah, and Jeremy to post about. But Here There Be Robots fans, rest assured, we’re doing things RIGHT this time. We have total control over our servers and should be able to keep everything up and running for many many years to come.


-The Management

-The Admin




  1. Steven Michelsen

    How did you manage to reach hostonce, to get control of your site? I have been trying to reach them for months to replace their name with mine as the registrant of my domain, to no avail. THANK YOU for any info you can pass along.

  2. admin

    I just emailed them at and requested that they unlock my domains. It took me 6 months of emailing them regularly and eventually one day it just happened. I’m not sure why.

  3. Steven Michelsen

    OK thanks. FWIW I was managed to get this number, which actually does get through to a real person at Hostonce … 1-877-378-4678. It is the “billing” number, but one should feel free press their issue regardless.

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