Emerald City ComiCon 2009 Wrap Up

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Every year I am blown away at how great the Emerald City ComiCon is. Even with a big increase in attendance, we actually had even better table spacing and placement than ever before. A huge thanks goes out to Jim, George, Chris, Brian, the volunteers, the staff of the convention center, and of course everyone who came out to attend.

Since ECCC is our local con, we always show up the morning of to do our table set up. This was the first time we bought two tables in the Artist Alley, and now it will be hard if we ever have to go back down to one. Thankfully, we always have a lot of help from our friends and family!

Table Setup Saturday MorningClick Here For All the Con Pics!

New for this year, we had our fourth issue of “Here There Be Robots”, along with our first trade paperback “Volume 1: Marooned”. The response was amazing! We sold out of books early and wish we had brought an extra 20 or so. Sorry to everyone that didn’t get a copy. You can always pick it up onlineĀ from Indy Planet.

Jesse had a spot on our table where he was showing off his newly released album “Mode7″. He had a great conversation with Henry the Red Power Ranger, who also happens to play the same Keytar Jesse does for Main Finger. You can download the album for free on Jesse’s website, Mainfinger.com

We got a chance to talk with a lot of folks from other comics we enjoy, even getting Jerry (Penny Arcade) and Kris (Starslip Crisis) to come chat with us on my video game podcast. Next year, I need to try to do some more interviews!

On Sunday, I hosted the “Business of Webcomics” panel. It turns out people are more interested in asking questions about the comics than the business side of them. Maybe the real business minded people could kick it off with a short presentation on business before it opens for questions next time. Other than that, it was a lot of fun and I got to meet some other creators who’s stuff I have been reading online for a long time.

Jonah Gregory Jeff Jacques Tom Brazelton Business of Webcomics Emerald City ComiConMe, Jeph Jacques, Tom Brazelton

Robert Khoo Danielle Corsetto Jonah Gregory Business of Webcomics Emerald City ComiConRobert Khoo, Danielle Corsetto, Me (again)

Thanks to the panelists for going easy on me (it was my first time!) and thank you to the audience for participating. Especially Scott Kurtz (PVP), who was in the audience for no other reason that to harass his buddy Robert Khoo. You guys cracked me up.

Sunday was also the Kirby Krackle show. Unfortunately, it only started about 20 minutes before I had to run to get to the Business panel I was hosting. Brittany and I only got to see the first couple songs, but they rocked. You should check out their CD if you like upbeat music and/or comics and video games.

You can see all the pictures on the Random Pirate Comics Flickr Page. Feel free to leave us your comments on the show, or email us! randompiratecomics@gmail.com



  1. Cedric Atizado

    Hey there. I don’t suppose you managed to record that panel you hosted? I’m sure I’m not the only one that didn’t manage to make it to ECCC that would be interested in the talk.

  2. spambot

    I didn’t get to record it. I’m hoping someone in the audience did, but I have not found anything online yet.

    If I find something, I will post about it.


  3. Jeremy

    I was hoping someone had recorded that panel and was planning on posting it on youtube soon.

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