Issue 5 – Page 1
September 7th, 2009

Issue 5 – Page 1

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Hey, if anyone is still out there after that inevitable hiatus that seems to accompany the end of each issue, here’s the first page of issue #5!

For some reason, the first page of a new issue is always the most difficult to crank out. Having Labor Day off helped immensely, since I have not had a day in which I could take a few hours and just draw in a long, long time. It was fun, which is what it should be, right?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the page and I’ll do my best to keep more coming on the most regular basis I can.

Take care!



  1. Geoffio

    This looks great. Good job man, its more like your classic style. Very smooth. I approve and am happy to see this issue under way. :)

  2. MrColinP

    I also think you’re getting settled into this style of illustration. Great, great looking page! The compositions are really strong.

  3. Jeremy

    Thank you, Geoff and Colin! Your comments inspire me to do more.
    By the way I just finished coloring this page (basically so I wouldn’t start forgetting how to use photoshop). I’ll be posting it soon as a special thanks to everyone for waiting so long for this issue to start. Let me know what you think!

  4. John

    Wow, color! I always thought you did excellent black and white, but the color looks good, too.

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