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Page 3.

Its here (finally).

Its late (very late).

And its grey (why is it grey?)

I’ll be honest with you. Life’s been busy. Busier than I can ever remember, but in a good way.

Back when I drew the first 3 issues of HTBR, I had every Wednesday off from work. It was like gold. One solitary day, without distractions, to really hunker down and produce the best work I could. I could do a lot of research and preliminary sketches to get things just right. My brain was buzzing.

When that work schedule changed, I remember issue 4 being extremely difficult to draw at times. That saying “you can’t rush art” is so true when you only have a few snatches of time to draw, but want to maintain the same level of quality; to give it your best.

I’ve always believed that everything you do, pursue or accomplish comes at the expense of something else. So its our responsibility to strike the balance and put the truly important things (and people) first in our lives.

When my brother Jonah and I started this whole thing out back in 2005, it wasn’t to be rich or famous; it was for fun. So that’s my new goal with this project: to remember to keep it fun. To do it…for fun.

Of course, this will mean that the update schedule will continue to be erratic, I will continue to drop off the map for long stretches of time, but just know that it is for a good cause. Believe me, it bothered me to leave our characters stranded on a ship full of hostile pirate monkeys for the last 8 months because I know it bothered you as readers. Some of you even told me about it at the last Emerald City Comicon, but you were very nice about it and I appreciate that very much. It gives me all the more incentive to do what I reasonably can to keep the story alive, even if it comes at you kind of slow. Like a turtle dragging a dogsled. Across sand. Against the wind. Underwater (What?).

This is one of the reasons for the change in style with page 3. I’ve been toying with different ways to draw the strip, both in the interest of saving time and just to try something different (fun, remember?). One way this technique has saved time is by eliminating the inking process by about 90%. The Photoshop shading actually doesn’t take that long and allows me to achieve some cool affects that just weren’t possible with straight black and white.

So, as always, thanks for reading. And be sure to check in every once in a while to see what happens next.




  1. Nicole

    No worries. I read a lot of webcomics and totally understand that real life takes precedence. I’m sure your other regular readers feel the same. You have that wonderful/awful problem that the really good webcomics have–rabid fans! Thanks for your hard work and sharing your art.

  2. Jeremy

    You’re very welcome! And thanks for understanding. We have the coolest fans ever!

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