Issue 2 – Page 18
April 2nd, 2008

Issue 2 – Page 18

In case you were wondering; Yes, those are all real break dance moves.

And Lackey’s load times? He must be running on (insert operating system or gaming console you don’t like here). Hey-O!


I loved doing these pages because breakdancing holds a special place in my childhood memories:

Back when I was in grade school, the neighbor kid asked if me and two of my brothers wanted to sign up for breakdancing lessons in Seattle. Since it was around 1984, “Breakin’” was just about the most awesome movie ever, so we all said yes, or “yo”…or something.

Well when we got to the Seattle Center (in the shadow of the Space Needle), I abruptly changed my mind. They had something called the Fun Forest there. The name was misleading; there was no forest, but instead a gaudy plethora of grease-stained carnival rides and prize booths. In my mind it was the closest I’d ever get to Disneyland.

So I convinced my neighbor’s mom that I’d be all right by myself and off I went. While my brothers and the neighbor kid got schooled in the finer points of toprock and downrock, I hung out with carnies. And a great time was had by all.

I also remember attending the breakdancing final exam and watching the neighbor kid practically shatter his spine trying to do the “worm” or some such move. It looked painful and he’s probably still hurting from it. I think I made the right decision.



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