Issue 1 – Cover Art
January 28th, 2008

Issue 1 – Cover Art

Hello, and welcome to Here There be Robots!

Jeremy and I originally started the comic back in 2005, and have been updating pages on our main site, Random Pirate Comics, as well as our mirror site on Drunk Duck, since then.
We decided it was time for the comic to get it’s own website, and will be updating the pagesĀ  Monday through Friday until we catch up to the current issue.

Geoffio, our good friend and webmaster, will be working on this site in the meantime, so expect some very cool changes as we progress with the comic.

So, if you are a long time fan, or new to the comic, please enjoy the site and the comic!

Oh, and here is the full version of the cover art:

Issue 1 - Full Cover


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