Character Page is Up!

Thanks to some fancy programming footwork of Geoffio, the Character page is now live.

You can click any character’s picture to get all their info. Enjoy!


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  1. MrColinP

    The Trivia Quest cards are beautiful guys, congratulations! I always love Jeremy’s color choices, and the color on these babies is especially good. Really cool to get all that info on the characters, too- there’s a lot of stuff we didn’t know before (I especially like Lackey’s backstory). And I’m surprised to see Miranda in color… she’s white! I guess I shoulda known looking at her Dad… It’s April O’Neil all over again!

    “The character of April O’Neil was introduced in issue #2, and would often change “looks” throughout the series. She’s been a red head with fair skin and straight hair, and sometimes almost Latina in appearance. Peter Laird originally explored the thought of her being Asian, and at times, she also resembled her African-American namesake.”