The Creators:

Jonah Gregory Writer of Here There Be Robots
Jonah Gregory – Writer
email: thespambot [at] gmail.com

Jeremy Gregory Artist for Here There Be Robots
Jeremy Gregory – Artist
email: driver16 [at] gmail.com

The Story Thus Far (Spoiler Warning):

Issue 1 – “We Come in Piece, We Leave in Pieces” (Read from the Beginning)

Oscar and Rob, two aliens from the Coalition of Friendly Planets, have been sent to earth to make pieceful contact. They arrive to find that three robots, lead by Adam, are scheming to take over the world.

When Adam’s Doomsday-Device is accidentally triggered by the alien space ship, all five of them are sent back to the golden age of piracy.

After escaping the holding cell of a pirate ship, Oscar and Rob make their way to the pirate haven city of Deathtown. Here they find out that the robots have taken up piracy of their own. Before Oscar can figure out what the robots could be up to, they return in a huge metal pirate ship.

Issue 2 – “Electric Hullabaloo” (Read from the Beginning)

The robots attack Deathtown using their giant metal pirate ship that transforms to become The Crabbot!

Oscar and Rob are desperate to stop the robots from destroying the town, so they can continue their search for their missing space ship.

Rob faces off against Steve in a battle of the brutes. Oscar faces off against Lackey in a classic break-dance competition.

The score is tied as the entire Crabbot plunges into the sea.

Issue 3 – “The Good, The Bad, and The Rusty” (Read from the Beginning)

(More To Follow)

Issue 4 – “Here There Be Space Dragons?” (Read from the Beginning)

(More To Follow)