Issue 5 – Page 4
Monday — May 31st, 2010

Issue 5 – Page 4

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For this page I tried using no digital inking except for the lettering. Most of the lines are the original pencils with the contrast adjusted, and just the main foreground objects have been inked with Micron pens. The final process of adding texture and shading is the most fun, since it lends itself to experimenting until something cool clicks into place.

Hope you enjoy!


Emerald City Comicon – April 4 & 5

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We will once again be in the Artist’s Alley at Seattle’s own Emerald City Comicon on April 4th and 5th. I know we’ve mentioned it before, but I wanted to post up a link to the show floor with our tables marked.

Here is a list of the stuff we will have for sale on hand:

Here There Be Robots Volume 1 – Marooned

The Brand New issue 4. Get it in print before it’s even finished being put on the site!

Issues 1-3, while supplies last.

3-Skull Random Pirate Comics Logo T-shirts (sizes S – XL). These are in limited quantities so get them while you can!

Buttons, stickers and posters.

“Stupid on A Stick” – A collection of Jeremy’s “Stickguy” comic strips.

You can find us at tables D-11 & 12:

Image is cropped. Click for full map.

Image is cropped. Click for full map.


Special Announcement: Limited Edition HTBR Bottles have arrived!

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Hey, friends, it’s that time of year again. As we gear up for the upcoming Emerald City Comicon, we’ve got a brand new Jones design waiting in the wings. Here’s the details:

-Just like last year, they are not for resale. So how do you get one? Simple: just buy one of our t-shirts and you get one of the bottles free. But hurry! There are only twelve to be had; first come, first serve.

-each bottle is signed and numbered to make it all official-like.

-Me, Jonah, and Geoffio take the first three, so there’s really only nine to be had. Gaah!

-High fructose corn syrup is gross. That’s why Jones Sodas are made with pure cane sugar.

Response was really good to the design last year, so we’re keeping up the tradition. Thanks for reading and see you at the con!

Monkeys collect things. Shouldn't you?

Monkeys collect things. Shouldn't you?


The Doorstep Dozen

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Something awesome just arrived on my porch. Something related to the upcoming Emerald City ComiCon on April 4th and 5th.
Can you guess what it is? (More pics coming later…)



Trade Paperback and Volume 1: “Marooned”

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Some very exciting news to bring your way!

Issue 4 of “Here There Be Robots” is now available at Indy Planet. For the first time ever, you can get the print comic before we’re even finished running it on the site:

Our first trade paperback “Marooned” is also available! This collects issues 1 through 3, The Map Incident mini-comic, our first ashcan (with commentary) and other bonus goodies, all for only $15!

Here There Be Robots Volume 1 Marooned Comic


Oscar Doll

A Custom Plushie

A Custom Plushie

My wife is awesome. For our four year anniversary, she scoured the internet to find a good, cusom plushie maker. And boy did she find one!

You can check out the rest of the pics on my flickr page. The plush was created by Crystal Auro Wilson of



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That’s right, for all of you who were wondering, Wednesday is the day for weekly updates of the long-awaited issue #4 of Here There Be Robots (I posted Page 1 a few days early just to get the ball rolling).

In other news, a beautiful trade paperback is in the works, compiling issues #1 – 3, the minicomic, and even the now laughable issue #0. And of course it will include some pretty cool bonus material, too.

Thanks for reading and be sure to tell your friends we’re back. Again.



Site Upgrade/Changes: Good News!

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Dearest Public,

It is I, your humble administrator Geoffio. After several months of having Hijacked by Hostonce. We finally got them to release our domain and give us back control. We’re now on faster private servers that we completely control. There will be much much more stability now. Not to mention things should be loading faster.

Anyways along with getting the site back under our control, we’re now able to focus on getting EVERYTHING the way it was meant to be before we lost control 5 months ago. That’s right, we’re going to finish the site. And Get more pages put up.

There have been major upgrades to our blogging software which is requiring a lot of changes made by me, so bear with me and we’ll get everything up and running and hopefully see many many great things come of this very soon.

I will leave everything else up to Jonah, and Jeremy to post about. But Here There Be Robots fans, rest assured, we’re doing things RIGHT this time. We have total control over our servers and should be able to keep everything up and running for many many years to come.


-The Management

-The Admin



RPC Show Theme Song

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I went and wrote a theme song for The Random Pirate Comics Show (my podcast)

You can download it by clicking this link.




I’m sure lots of you out there in internet land know about Twitter at this point.

I’ve had an account with them for a while, but never used to update it. Recently I started doing it on a fairly regular basis, so I figure if people are interested, you can follow my twitter feed here.

We also have a new episode of our podcast, The Random Pirate Comics Show, online. On this episode, we had Ben Paddon as our special guest. Ben is the head writer and creator of Jump Leads, a British sci-fi comedy.
If you are a fan of Here There Be Robots, and I can only assume so if you are reading this post, then Jump Leads should be right up your alley.


New, Easier Podcast Address

Thanks to John at Rampage Network, our host for the main Random Pirate Comics site, we now have a much easier way to get to The Random Pirate Comics Show page.

Just go to, and it should re-direct you to our Talkshoe page. Thanks, John!