Issue 5 – Page 4
Monday — May 31st, 2010

Issue 5 – Page 4

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For this page I tried using no digital inking except for the lettering. Most of the lines are the original pencils with the contrast adjusted, and just the main foreground objects have been inked with Micron pens. The final process of adding texture and shading is the most fun, since it lends itself to experimenting until something cool clicks into place.

Hope you enjoy!


More Site Stuff

Sorry to bother you with more boring site outage news, but I wanted to let you know we are looking into changing our hosting, as the site is still a bit patchy and running slow.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Running Smooth

It looks like our hosts have finally sorted out whatever it was that was making the site load so poorly. Not only that, but at least as of when I write this, we’re actually running quite a bit faster than we were before. So good on ya’ server maintenance people.

Hopefully, this will continue to be true.

*Edit* – Well, we are still having our ups and downs, but it’s still better than before.


Site Outages

As far as I can tell, the site was still up, but I was unable to log into the dashboard and create updates.

I’m now working on getting the last couple days of the comic back up to speed. Thanks for being patient!


Emerald City ComiCon 2008

Man, we had a blast this year at the convention. My thoughts after the fact are always a blur of all the cool and crazy stuff that went down, but I’ll do my best to summarize my experience. Let’s start at the beginning…

Here’s our booth, complete with writer and artist:
Our Booth

These tables were pretty small, so we had to be thrifty with the table space, but that’s OK, next year we’ll have 2.

Ok, so how awesome was the awesome con?
SO awesome.

It started with a bang, with a family of fans picking up a bunch of shirts and claiming nearly all of our Jones Soda bottles right off the bat. Thanks again, you guys rock!

There was a bit of a fluke, and Aaron Williams ended up right next to us in Artist’s Alley. Normally, he would have a booth, and after seeing how many people were coming by, I can understand why. He and his wife are both awesome people. They are both hilarious, and made great neighbors. It was nice to finally be next to another comic that is kid friendly. We’ve had some bad experiences with this in the past, but I won’t get into that now.
Aaron, being the cool guy that he is, did this piece of art for me:
Adam by Aaron Williams

He even gave us permission to use it in the next issue as a piece of bonus art. A million thanks!
But that was the end of the second day, so I’m already getting ahead of myself.

The first day was super-busy, and neither Jeremy or myself were able to leave the table for longer than a few minutes. We decided we’d just wait until Sunday to do our wandering.

On that note, Sunday was a lot of fun.

Our friend Jerry from the Penny Arcade Comic Show stopped by pre-con opening to say hi on his way to take a nap under the PA booth.
We didn’t get to have our usual DS battle that had become a tradition over the last couple years, but that’s no biggie. From what I hear, The World Ends With You was dominating the gaming side of the show. Jesse, who was at the show with us Saturday, obtained an obscene level of experience and an equally ludicrous amount of rare pins for the game just by being there. As if the DS was somehow using black voodoo magic to pull experience and pins out of thin air!

Since it was a little slower for most of the day, we had some really good conversations with some fans, as well as other creators, and lots of people who had never heard of us, but either liked the art or just thought the title sounded neat. Either way, it lead to some good conversations.

Once I was able to wander for a bit, it was off to get my very own shiny new copy of How To Make Webcomics, written by the cool guys at Halfpixel.
I tried to adopt a Jinxlet from Kris Straub, but the only one left was missing an eye:
Sad Jinxlet

Kris and I had a really good chat about crazy con goers scaring us. Mutual experience with frightening situations really brings people together.
Oh, and I’ll be holding you to that Jinxlet arrangement we discussed. I’d wink here, but it somehow seems to be in poor taste.

Later in the show, Kris and Erica came by our booth and picked up copies of our books, which was totally rad of them. Kris was super happy to get them:
Kris with robot comics

I got my copy of the book signed by all four guys and got to chat a little with Dave and Brad, who I must say are both really good at selling their product without coming across as pushy. Dave had a really cool bumper sticker for sale, and when I asked for one his response was, “For an even $20, you can get a book too!”
Now, he must have seen me eying the book, or could tell I was a sucker for the printed versions of webcomics, because that’s all it took to hook me.
You win this round Kellett!

Onwards to the Penny-Arcade booth!
I was especially excited to show the guys our third issue, as it had the Gabe and Tycho Shilling Arcade cameo on page 7.
They seemed to get a kick out of it, or at least were good enough at feigning amusement that there is little distinction. Here is a photogram of the event:
PA Cameo

Oh, and did I mention I met Wil Wheaton?
The guy in front of me in line bought the last copy of his book, so we got to see him do a victory dance, then immediately twitter the event.
He was more than happy to sign our copy of Stand By Me, still my favorite movie, and happily took the copies of our books that I had brought him.

Well, that’s pretty much all I can remember off the top of my head. If you’d like to see the rest of my con pics, and even check out the ones from previous years, here is my Flickr page:
Emerald City ComiCon Gallery

A big thanks to Jim, George, Chris, Brian and all the volunteers that make EC3 the best con E-Var!


Emerald City ComiCon this weekend!

Don’t forget, if you are in the Seattle area this weekend, get yourself to Emerald City ComiCon!

We’ll be at table C-3 in the artist’s alley, and have plenty of comics and buttons to sell. We even have a few shirts left, so be sure to stop by.


The Random Pirate Comics Show #10

Emerald City ComiCon is THIS WEEKEND! Because of this, we discuss how much we love the con. If you are so inclined, you can come out and meet us in Artist’s Alley at table C-3 at the Random Pirate Comics table. In the episode, we also discuss The Forbidden Kingdom and Iron Man. And video games. Specifically The World Ends With You.

Download the episode.

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The Random Pirate Comics Show #9 – Study This!

I’m happy to announce that we are finally back to podcasting!

In our return episode we talk about N+, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, and Mortal Kombat the Movie. Jesse shares a song from his upcoming album, and we generally goof off and have a fun time of things.

Download the Episode here.

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Stumble’d Upon

It looks like we’ve been getting some traffic from Stumble Upon lately, so welcome to everyone who has found the site this way!
And thanks to Astrogirl for writing our first review on there!

If you are a user, we’d love to see more reviews go up on the site.

In other news, the books were supposed to be here today, but UPS didn’t pull my box from the truck for will call like they were supposed to (big shocker), so I should have them in hand tomorrow.


Character Page is Up!

Thanks to some fancy programming footwork of Geoffio, the Character page is now live.

You can click any character’s picture to get all their info. Enjoy!


Sicky McSickerton

Sorry I got way behind on the updates for the site. I’ve been sick for about a week now, and am finally feeling a little bit better today, though my voice has yet to return.

A quick update on Emerald City ComiCon;
It seems we will be getting our copies of issue 3  soon. They shipped a few days ago and should be here this week.
The bad news is the stickers most likely will not get here in time, so I may set up a way for people to get those through the site.